Virtual Fitness Coaching

Are you tech savvy? Like the idea of training online?

Virtual Coaching Could Be Your Answer!!

If you have a smartphone with a connection to the internet, you may want to consider virtual fitness coaching. Virtual coaching immediately eliminates all the inconveniences and frustrations of arranging face-to-face sessions for participants who are physically separated. In a real-time video call I can observe your movements and provide recommendations on your technique and form.

I can see what you are doing
You Can See Me
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I've worked with other trainers and never felt like any of them made the effort to get to know me and my limits. They didn't think to ask if I had any injuries that might get in the way either... but Paul did, Paul made me feel like he was one step ahead of me looking out for me like a big brother. He can ``kill me`` in the gym without actually hurting me...- Christien Paul
Such a fun, motivating way to work out! Paul varies his workouts with everything from using your own body weight, circuits, Lebert buddy system and equalizer as well as plyometrics. Paul was attentive to our individual goals and needs. He skillfully provided modifications for certain exercises and took the time to get to know us which was truly appreciated.- Kristen Train
I contacted Paul about leading a local Mommy workout group. He is a Pleasure to work with, never shamed us and always showed up with a smile and made our workouts fun...and challenging without causing injuries. I lost 2 sizes and got back into my pre-baby pants! Can't say enough good things about Paul!!- Michelle Zubrinich
Most amazing supportive trainer ever. Very knowledgeable and always there for his clients. I highly recommend him. Love you Paul!!- Julia Danesi
Paul will get you results! He will motivate you and challenge you to surpass what you think your limits are. Most importantly he will listen to you. I trained with Paul for over a year and found him very personable, dependable , trustworthy and definitely knowledgeable. He always followed up with me and kept me on track. I told him what I wanted to achieve and he created routines to help me achieve my goals. I was always challenged by something different each session. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Paul to help you achieve your fitness goals!- Pritha Dindayal
Paul's the real deal. I have pretty modest fitness goals - really just trying to stay in good shape despite having a busy schedule. Paul put together an awesome workout plan for me, perfectly tailored for my schedule, which makes it a lot easier for me to fit workouts into my week. That, in turn, has encouraged me to go more often instead of feeling like I don't have the time. Check out his YouTube channel too - it's pretty solid. Super friendly, easygoing, and knows what he's doing. Overall - I would highly recommend.- Philllipe Cowle