Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Personal Training?

A personal trainer can provide creative, effective workouts, prevent injuries, ensure you hit your goals, and provide consistent, non-judgmental fitness support. Working out with a personal trainer increases your fitness-goal success rate by over 30 percent.  The influence of direct supervision during workouts has a huge effect on the outcome of training.

What Are The Rates?

Just you?
Single session – $85 + HST
10 sessions – $ 750 + HST

With friend(s)?
$110.00 + HST per session (2 on 1), that’s $50.00 per person
$130.00 + HST per session (3 on 1), that’s $40.00 per person

Team & group rates
Please inquire

*** All pricing for 60 Minute session

*** Additional fee may be required depending on training site location

Where Do We Train?

Your place
Your condo, house, backyard, or other facility

My place
Facilities available in Mississauga, Brampton, and Toronto


When we first sit down we will plan out a schedule that will work for both of us and make sure we are able to reach our goals!

Where Do I Start, Where Do I Finish?

Starting points are different for everyone just as everyone has very distinct goals and time lines. The important thing to remember is starting is more than half of the battle.

What if I have health Restrictions?

When we first sit down we will asses any health concerns you may have and fill out the Par-Q. We will work within our zone.